Case studies

Weidmuller SRL : Win with Weidmuller! Connect to the quality and enjoy the reward points!

Cross-selling is where the “Win With Weidmuller” campaign began. The German multinational market leader in electronics, automation and electrical connections of marking systems and tools main goal was to raise awareness of the full range of solutions Weidmuller offers its customers. The result of the campaign? A great success!

5 bands which were divided into product lines at Weidmuller
The campaign has been renewed 4 times due to the positive feedback of the participants
Significant increases in both sales and customer loyalty have occurred

As specialists in the field, Weidmuller provides support to our customers and partners around the world through products, solutions and services in the industry for the generation and distribution of power, signals and data. We have the experience and are aware of the challenges to know what the future holds. For this reason, we are constantly engaged in the development of innovative and sustainable, high value-added services, in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. Together we set the standards of “Industrial Connectivity”.

"Over the past four years we have added customer incentive initiatives to the traditional forms of relationships. The collaboration with 4Incentive has allowed us to approach a new system in an easy and effective way. Their organization and service has allowed us to develop our system of defining mechanisms quickly and accurately by assigning points related to the purchase of our products. The result has led to complete cost control."

Giorgio Porcelluzzi
SER Product Marketing Manager EC

The need

Weidmuller distributes high-quality products that are valued by its customers and enjoys a high level of loyalty and repurchase. However, the orders are often concentrated on only a few items even though the catalog is full of solutions. We needed a solution to not only increase customer purchases at the top, but also to provide a tool that exposes the rest of the range.

As 4incentive intervened

Aware of our need, 4incentive created a platform whose priority incentive centered on the logic of "cross-selling ". As a result, the Weidmuller product categories have been divided into 5 clusters or groups with different weights in terms of point value. The categories with the highest margins allow customers to have a greater number of points with constant turnover. It also accommodates the categories that have a lower penetration in the Italian market that the company has more interest in pushing. A sophisticated simulator was developed that allows the participant to immediately quantify the points value of its purchases, broken down for each category. This tool has allowed us to "move" purchases that were previously with competitors, to our catalog, resulting in increased sales. "The web platform is flexible and easy to navigate. It is a large catalog with captivating awards that are constantly updated drawing the attention of everyone, including uncertain customers. Bottom line is that the catalog attracts and impresses customers. 4Incentive is unequaled in the industry and is geared for success. The campaign which lasts the entire calendar year, has experienced a growth in interest with increases in terms of turnover and margin on sales. In fact, the margin on sales always falls into two digits - far superior to the normal trend and to the results achieved with other promotional activities.

"The web platform is flexible and easy navigation, a large catalog with awards truly captivating and constantly updated has made that even more uncertain customers were intrigued and attracted by the initiative. The catalog is of course what attracts and impresses the customer, to 4Incentive is unequaled and the natural comparison with many similar initiatives that each of us even in his private life may come across has always seen us win. The results from the first year were even beyond the most optimistic expectations. The campaign, which lasts the entire calendar year, has shown a growing interest with increases in terms of turnover and margin on sales, always two digits, far superior to the normal trend and the results achieved with other promotional activities. "

Giorgio Porcelluzzi
SER Product Marketing Manager EC

The results achieved

Our results from the first year exceeded our expectations. The operation "Win With Weidmuller " has been running 4 years in a row with no end in sight! This success is due to customer appreciation and the Weidmuller Sales Force Incentive transaction that has been a valuable ally in increasing sales, retaining customers and promoting sales to become more profitable. And speaking of loyalty, a major customer in all editions has reached the assigned target, increasing from year to year, and as a result, has enjoyed a cruise for the whole family, creating memories and emotions that will always be associated with Weidmuller and the quality of its products. Win With Weidmuller and make a difference!