Consulting -  Tax and Administrative

4incentive provides assistance in the presentation of practical ministry to prize event acting as a person delegated by the responsible departments. It also provides advice on the procedures relating to privacy and the tax laws in force in order to suggest our clients to the most economically advantageous solution in compliance with the rules in force.


Program Terms and Conditions

4incentive takes care of all the paperwork to comply with the rules on ministerial Events in Prix: from form to pay the bail (surety) to the presentation of the models telematic PREMA as delegated person. Organize an operation or a competition prize has never been so easy.



Setting up the rules of the event, notification thereof certified by affidavit, the calculation of the prize pool, preparing the accounts for the payment of taxes and withholding.


The purposes of the d. lgs. 196/03 are intended to recognize the right of the individual over their personal data and, consequently, to the discipline of the various management operations (technically "treatment") data concerning the collection, processing, comparison, deletion, modification , the disclosure or dissemination of the same. 4incentive and consensus of the participants and keeps their data by using them exclusively to carry out the prize event.

Tax Consulting

We deal with our clients to suggest cost-effective solution, in compliance with applicable laws, to promote initiatives Incentive. The proposed procedures have been and are continually evaluated by prestigious consulting firms and tax have been endorsed over the years, from fiscal direction of numerous companies.