Communications & Marketing

An incentive undoubtedly commercial purposes but it is also a powerful and sophisticated marketing tool by which the Company communicates to the market's attention to the customer, its dynamism and continuous research of innovative services. 4incentive takes care of all the communication part of an incentive campaign following the directives of coordinated imagine dictated by the client: Design Concept of the initiative; Realization of the brochure or catalog; Customizing the Site; Implementation of dissemination materials for the point sale as exhibitors, posters, postcards.

4incentive The platform allows companies to increase sales of products with higher profit margins.



Is of particular strategic importance of the realization of the Catalogue. The variety of references managed by 4incentive are divided in the catalog, both paper and online, according to a criterion of category management. 4incentive deals, as well as the development of the main supports of marketing, including the details that make the difference as the customization of packages that are shipped with the inclusion of awards and thank you cards for the participants.

Internet Web Site

Even the website of the transaction incentive is personalized with the logo created for the initiative is the dedicated domain, both the homepage and inside pages. The company may also enter into the website promotional material including downloadable pdf.